Car Mechanic near Elwood

Looking for a reliable car mechanic near Elwood? JJ Service Centre is a St Kilda-based automotive shop that provides a range of car repair and maintenance services. The JJ team is composed of highly skilled and talented mechanics, trained to work with various models and makes. This includes luxury European models, American SUVs, Japanese sedans and everything in between.

JJ Service Centre also has a state-of-the-art workshop that houses the latest tools and diagnostic equipment in the industry. This allows our team to efficiently evaluate, diagnose and repair any kind of automotive problem that you might have.

Here are some of the services that our trusted mechanics offer:

  • Car Mechanic St Kilda EastGeneral car service
  • Brake repairs and servicing
  • Clutch repairs
  • Electronic fuel injection diagnostics and repairs
  • Engine tuning
  • Fleet service
  • Suspension repairs
  • Tyre repairs and wheel balancing
  • Air conditioning service and repairs
  • Radiator repairs

We are also a VicRoads Licensed vehicle Tester and a VACC Accredited Shop, allowing us to conduct roadworthy certificate inspections. Our inspectors will evaluate the seatbelts, lights, reflectors, windscreen, vehicle structure and any other safety feature that your vehicle might have. Through our RWC inspections, you can ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive on Victorian roads.

Why Choose JJ Service Centre?

Paying for car maintenance, not having a vehicle to drive and having to grasp automotive jargon can be extremely difficult for many. That’s why, at JJ Service Centre, we are all about giving the clients the stress-free experience that they service.

Here’s what separates us from the competition:

  • Focuses on improving and maintaining the functionality and longevity of your vehicle
  • Adheres to government regulations, manufacturer guidelines, and the latest industry standards to ensure your vehicle is operating safely and efficiently
  • Accurate quotes and transparent pricing
  • Offers a loan car for approve clients
  • Can service clients all across Melbourne’s eastern suburbs

Contact Us

If you have any questions about what we do, please give us a call today on (03) 9527 4718 or use our online contact form on our website.